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SandiBeach57's Story

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"It has been 10 plus years since I was on BCO (DCIS 2006 with bilateral mastectomy and DCIS again 2007 with radiation, Tamoxifen). It was a safe place to connect with others.

"Fast forward a decade with the illusion I was cured.

"October 2016, after having SOB with minimal exertion (I was a runner and fit), I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Tumor Emboli Syndrome -- breast tumor cells had invaded the arterioles in my lungs, very rare. The CT scan showed widespread liver mets (Er+, PR-, HER2-). Didn't see ANY of that coming.

"I was hospitalized 3 weeks and given emergency AC. The chemo saved my life and it also has given me more 'time'. After completing 4 cycles AC my disease was stable. I am now off oxygen, and on Ibrance 125 and Letrozole. My first CT since starting I/L will be in April. I feel good and walk 1.5 to 2 miles/day. I am happy...and well, the Celexa helps.

"As a returning member of BCO, I have learned that people with stage IV still enjoy living AND [are] not afraid to live; working, exercise, travel. I have learned from others about treating side effects from the cancer drugs, about clinical trials, about the many lines of treatments open to me and how to numb that port prior to flushing and blood draws!

"But most importantly, I see love and support from all the postings that I have read - through the good and, unfortunately, the painfully sad moments. All of it.

"Thank you for this online community."

-- SandiBeach57, diagnosed metastatic in October 2016

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