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Fashion Statements With Beth Fairchild: Metastatic Breast Cancer on the AnaOno Runway
Beth Fairchild
February 10, 2019

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Beth Fairchild talks about what it’s like to walk in the AnaOno Fashion Week runway show and what it means for people with metastatic disease.

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Hi, I'm Beth Fairchild, and I was diagnosed metastatic when I was 34 years old. I'm 39 now and coming up on my 5th anniversary as a metastatic patient. I'm so happy to work with Dana [Donofree, founder and designer of AnaOno] and bring the show... It's such an amazing experience because it elevates awareness for metastatic breast cancer, it raises money for research, and it affords models that are patients living with metastatic breast cancer an opportunity of a lifetime to walk the runway during New York Fashion Week. And I'm just so happy that we're making such a big difference in the lives of patients and for research!

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