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The Elements Project -- Heard in the Halls: Voices From the 2018 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium
Beth Fairchild
December 5, 2018

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Beth Fairchild, president of METAvivor, talks about the #ThisIsMBC Elements Project.

Running time: 56 seconds

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This podcast is made possible by the generous support of Lilly Oncology.

Beth Fairchild: My name’s Beth Fairchild, and I’m the president of METAvivor Research and Support. This is the third year that we’ve worked with Eisai for the #ThisIsMBC campaign. The first year featured one patient and we followed them for a year. The second year was Serenity Project, and we focused on the art. And this year we wanted it to be more about the patient and the stories. And so we did an application process, and the patients sent in their story, and — you know, with this disease, we understand what the outcome is going to be, so it’s a really difficult decision-making process to choose. But what we wanted to do was make sure everyone was represented. So we have Black, white, male, female, no matter their education level or socioeconomic background, we wanted to really highlight the fact that this disease does not discriminate. And I think we’ve done that with our model selection this year.

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