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Fashion Statements With Sheila McGlown: Metastatic Breast Cancer on the AnaOno Runway
Sheila McGlown
February 11, 2019

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Sheila McGlown talks about body positivity, choosing to be bald, and what walking in the AnaOno Fashion Week show means to her.

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My name is Sheila McGlown, and I was diagnosed metastatic in 2009, so I've been living with this disease for 9 years. I'm 52 now.

What it means to me to be in an AnaOno Intimates fashion show? I think it's about body positivity. I don't have to wear my hair bald, but I wear my hair bald because I want other women who are going bald to know that you can still look beautiful and still feel powerful and still feel empowering — empowering yourself to... even though you're bald, and even though you're going through chemo, that you can still be pretty and sexy and still have a great quality of life. So it means a lot for me to be here, especially for African American women, just to show body positivity and that we don't need to be scared of or shy away from our scars, or if we're going flat, or have to have reconstruction. That we're still powerful, that we're still confident, that we're still loved

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