Enhertu for HER2-Low Breast Cancer: Patient-Reported Outcomes

Enhertu for HER2-Low Breast Cancer: Patient-Reported Outcomes

Dr. Naoto Ueno discusses quality of life results from a study comparing Enhertu to doctors’ choice of chemotherapy.
Sep 14, 2022

At the European Society for Medical Oncology Congress 2022, Dr. Naoto Ueno presented patient-reported quality-of-life outcomes from the DESTINY-Breast04 study, which found that compared to doctors’ choice of chemotherapy, Enhertu (chemical name: fam-trastuzumab-deruxtecan-nxki) improved both progression-free survival and overall survival in people diagnosed with previously treated metastatic HER2-low breast cancer.

Listen to the episode to her Dr. Ueno explain:

  • how the researchers assessed quality of life

  • the results showing that Enhertu offered better quality of life than the doctors’ choice of chemotherapy

  • differences in side effects between Enhertu and chemotherapy

About the guest
Naoto Ueno headshot
Naoto Ueno, MD, PhD, FACP

Dr. Naoto Ueno is professor of breast medical oncology at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

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