comscoreHER2-Positive Breast Cancer Recurrence

HER2-Positive Breast Cancer Recurrence

Marleen Meyers, MD talks about HER2-positive disease and specific ways to reduce its risk of recurrence.
Jan 18, 2018

Listen to the podcast to hear Dr. Meyers talk about:

  • what HER2-positive breast cancer is and how its aggressiveness ranks compared to other types of breast cancer

  • factors doctors consider when estimating a person’s risk of recurrence

  • specific ways to reduce the risk of HER2-positive disease recurrence

  • how she helps her patients manage the fear of recurrence

About the guest
Marleen Meyers, MD

Dr. Meyers is a medical oncologist at the Perlmutter Cancer Center at NYU Langone Health in New York, NY.

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