Just Ask: Increasing Diversity in Clinical Trials

Just Ask: Increasing Diversity in Clinical Trials

Dr. Nadine Barrett discusses why diversity in clinical trials is so important and how the Just Ask program helps address that lack of diversity.
May 27, 2022

Listen to the podcast to hear Dr. Barrett talk about:

  • why diversity in in clinical trials is so important

  • what the Just Ask program is and how it works

  • reactions to the program

  • her recommendations for people who want to be part of a clinical trial

About the guest
Nadine Barrett
Nadine Barrett, PhD, MS, MA

Dr. Barrett is a medical sociologist, assistant professor of family medicine and community health at Duke University School of Medicine, founding director of the Office of Health Equity and Disparities at the Duke Cancer Institute, director of the Center for Equity in Research within the Duke Clinical and Translational Science Institute, Durham, NC.

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