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Caring for Men Who Are Cancer Caregivers

Kyle Woody, executive director of Jack's Caregiver Coalition, talks about supporting male caregivers and how caregiving is like a team sport.
Nov 8, 2018

Kyle Woody believes that one of the biggest and most important challenges a man can face in his lifetime is engaging as a caregiver for a loved one with a serious disease such as cancer. Kyle believes that every man has the potential to rise to that challenge and be his boldest and most confident self. Reflecting on his experience as a primary caregiver for his spouse with metastatic colon cancer, he realized the principles of excellence and sound teamwork that he preached in his professional career should have been applied at home in his caregiving experience, which is why he helped found Jack’s in 2014 to improve the way men think, feel, and act in their role as cancer caregivers.

Listen to the podcast to hear Kyle talk about:

  • how Jack’s was founded

  • some of the programs Jack’s offers to help men who are caregivers

  • some things that he’d like men who are cancer caregivers to know

  • why caregiving is akin to a team sport

About the guest
Kyle Woody headshot
Kyle Woody

Kyle Woody is the cofounder and executive director of Jack’s Caregiver Coalition, a community of men who are cancer caregivers.

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