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Breast Cancer Recurrence Risk

Dr. Brian Wojciechowski talks about recurrence risk and how it’s estimated.
Jun 9, 2021

One of the goals of treatment for DCIS and early-stage breast cancer — which is stage I, II, or stage III cancer — is to stop the cancer from coming back, called recurrence by doctors. Dr. Brian Wojciechowski joined us to talk about recurrence risk and how it’s estimated.

Listen to the episode to hear Dr. Wojciechowski discuss:

  • the factors used to determine each breast cancer’s risk of recurrence

  • the steps a person can take to help keep the risk of recurrence as low as it can be

  • how tests called tumor genomic assays can help estimate the risk of recurrence

About the guest
Brian Wojciechowski headshot
Brian Wojciechowski, MD

Dr. Wojo is a medical oncologist outside of Philadelphia, PA, with Crozer Health. His research has been presented at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, and he is a speaker on medical ethics and the biology of cancer. Dr. Wojo sees cancer as a scientifically complex disease with psychological, social, and spiritual dimensions.

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