Hope After a Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Hope After a Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Author Patricia Prijatel discusses her book, Surviving Triple-Negative Breast Cancer
Oct 19, 2016

In this Breastcancer.org podcast, Pat Prijatel talks about triple-negative breast cancer and what makes it different from other types of breast cancer. In May 2006, Pat was diagnosed with early-stage triple-negative breast cancer. She retired from Drake in 2007 to focus on health writing and her health. She had surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation, and is now healthy, fit, and cancer-free.

Listen to the podcast to hear Pat talk about:

  • what the idea of triple-negative disease meant to her when she was diagnosed

  • when and why she started her blog

  • what researchers have learned recently about triple-negative disease

  • advice she would give to a woman newly diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer

About the guest
patricia-prijatel headshot
Pat Prijatel

Pat Prijatel writes the blog Positives About Negative and is the author of Surviving Triple Negative Breast Cancer. She has been a magazine writer, editor, consultant, and professor for more than 35 years. She headed Drake University's magazine sequence for 22 years before taking over as director of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication in 2004.

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