Tips for Wearing Wigs Every Day

Tips for Wearing Wigs Every Day

If you choose to wear a wig every day, you may want to take a few extra steps to get the most out of your wigs and stay comfortable throughout the day.
Carliz Sotelo Moore
Editorial by Carliz Sotelo Moore Jul 19, 2022

Many people find that wearing a wig is a great way to manage hair loss from breast cancer treatment. Some will wear a wig occasionally — for example, when going to the store or a social event. But others may enjoy wearing a wig every day, perhaps to work or even around the house.

If you choose to wear a wig every day, you may want to take a few extra steps to get the most out of your wigs and stay comfortable throughout the day. Below you’ll find 10 tips for wearing a wig every day.


Make sure your wig is the right size

Double check your head measurements before you buy a wig to make sure it fits as comfortably as possible. Wearing the right sized wig will help prevent it from sliding around on your head or causing itchiness on your scalp.


Clean your hot styling tools

It’s important to keep your hot styling tools clean, especially when styling a heat-friendly synthetic wig. Using clean tools will keep your wig from being exposed to dust and old product residue. By taking this extra step, you can avoid having to wash your piece more often than necessary and help extend the lifespan of your wig.


Switch up your wigs

If you’re going to wear a wig every day, you may want to consider investing in some extras so you can rotate them between washings. Since you’ll wear each wig less often, they’ll have less wear and tear damage over time. Plus, you’ll have different styles to choose from to keep things interesting.


Wear a wig cap liner

Wearing a nylon, mesh, or bamboo wig cap liner can help keep your wig clean by creating a and barrier between the wig and the oils on your scalp. Wig cap liners can also help keep your real hair properly secured under the wig and ensure a snug, comfortable fit.


Use the ear tabs on your wig

Ear tabs are included on wigs for guiding the placement of your wig. If the tabs are at the same place on either side of your face, your wig is likely in the right spot. Also, ear tabs usually include metal or plastic pieces that can help you customize how the wig fits. If the pieces are sticking out on either side, make sure to flatten them against your face for the most realistic look.


Set it and forget it

Try not to adjust your wig’s placement throughout the day. Sliding your wig around on your head can cause your real hair to bunch up and irritate your scalp.


Carry a wide tooth comb

Your wig can become tangled or messy throughout the day. By carrying a wide tooth comb with you, you can detangle and restyle your wig while you’re on the go. Wide tooth combs are best because they are gentler than regular brushes, which could damage your wig, especially with regular use.


Remember this trick for taming flyaways and extra volume

Here’s a good trick for taming flyaway hairs and flattening excess volume on your wig: Rub your hands together like you’re starting a fire to create warmth. Then, quickly press your hands down on top of your wig to flatten out the excess volume at the part and tame your flyaways.


Keep the hair out of your face

Gently rub the knots (where the wig hairs are tied to the lace front) on your hairline toward the back of your wig to redirect them. This trick will help you gain volume at the hairline and also keep the hair out of your face.


Add concealer to your part or hairline

Use concealer along the part or hairline of your wig to add a skin-like effect to the scalp area. This will ensure that the wig material touching your scalp matches your skin color perfectly.

By including these tips into your daily wig routine, you can set yourself up for success with style and comfort that lasts all day long.

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