Telling Your Breast Cancer Story With Art Therapy

Telling Your Breast Cancer Story With Art Therapy

Stephanie McLeod-Estevez explains art therapy and how it can be helpful to people diagnosed with cancer.
Jun 21, 2019

In this podcast on art therapy, Stephanie explains how people diagnosed with cancer can use it to heal emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Listen to the podcast to hear Stephanie discuss:

  • her own breast cancer journey and how that influenced her career

  • the process of art therapy and its benefits

  • how to find a reputable art therapist

About the guest
Stephanie McLeod Estevez headshot
Stephanie McLeod-Estevez

Stephanie McLeod-Estevez is a licensed clinical professional counselor and art therapist with 15 years of clinical expertise in treating anxiety, depression, and trauma. Stephanie also is a breast cancer survivor. She started her company, Creative Transformations, in 2016 to provide information, tools, and services to people diagnosed with cancer to enhance their emotional health and wellness. Her writing has been published in Wildfire, Coping with Cancer, and Breast Cancer Wellness.

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