comscoreUsing Cold Caps During Breast Cancer Treatment

Using Cold Caps During Breast Cancer Treatment

Community member Heba Abdalla discusses her experience with using cold caps.
Dec 19, 2020

Listen to the episode to hear Heba talk about:

  • her diagnosis and first treatments

  • how she learned about cold caps

  • why she wanted to use cold caps

  • how well cold caps worked for her

  • what she wants other people considering cold caps to know

About the guest
heba abdalla headshot
Heba Abdalla

Heba Abdalla is a member of the community who was diagnosed with de novo metastatic breast cancer at age 36 when she was pregnant with her third child. Being diagnosed de novo means that the cancer was metastatic at first diagnosis.

Heba has been on several different treatments, including some that are known to cause hair loss. She has used cold caps during treatment three times.

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