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Lymphedema 101

Marcia Beck, a clinical nurse specialist and certified lymphedema therapist, explains what lymphedema is, where it can develop, risk factors, and how lymphedema is treated.
Apr 30, 2021

Listen to the episode to hear Marcia explain all aspects of lymphedema, including:

  • what lymphedema is and where it can develop

  • risk factors for lymphedema

  • how lymphedema is treated

  • steps people can take to reduce their risk of lymphedema or lymphedema flare-ups

About the guest
Marcia Beck, ACNS-BC, CLT-LANA

Marcia Beck is a clinical nurse specialist at the University of Kansas Health System. Marcia is certified in adult health and breast health and also certified as a lymphedema therapist by the Lymphology Association of North America.

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