comscoreHow Pets Help Us Heal

How Pets Help Us Heal

Michele Pich, psychologist and veterinary grief counselor, discusses therapy animals.
Oct 19, 2016

The March 2014 podcast features Michele Pich who has extensive experience in leading support groups for people diagnosed with cancer. Michele brought along Vivian, her certified therapy dog who has been named Therapy Dog Ambassador for two years in a row at the National Dog Show.

Listen to the podcast to hear Michele discuss:

  • the physical and psychological reasons pets are so comforting

  • how the therapy animal world has expanded beyond dogs

  • Michele and Vivian's experiences helping women diagnosed with breast cancer

  • how you can arrange for a visit from a certified therapy animal

About the guest
Michele Pich headshot
Michele Pich

Michele Pich is a psychologist and veterinary grief counselor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine.

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