Stage IIA and IIB

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Treatment Options STAGE IIA and IIB

tumor less than 2 cm and/or lymph nodes under the arm involved (IIA) OR
tumor greater than 2 cm and no lymph nodes under the arm are involved (IIA) OR
tumor greater than 2 cm but less than 5 cm and lymph nodes involved (IIB) OR
tumor greater than 5 cm but no lymph nodes involved (IIB)

Treatment to the Breast

total mastectomy; radiation after mastectomy may be needed


lumpectomy plus radiation, in some cases following chemotherapy to shrink a large single cancer

Treatment to the Lymph Nodes

axillary lymph node removal by traditional approach


sentinel approach also known as sentinel lymph node dissection (preferred approach for people without enlarged nodes)


possible radiation to supraclavicular and/or internal mammary lymph nodes


chemotherapy commonly recommended

Hormonal Therapy

hormonal therapy used for people with hormone-receptor-positive cancer

Targeted Therapy

targeted therapy may be used for people with cancers that have certain characteristics (for example, cancers with too many HER2 receptors)

Treatment to Other Parts of the Body

does not apply

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