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"I am an ongoing participant in SWOG S0221. I was approached by my MO after the results of my Oncotype test came back very high. The trial focuses on high-risk early stage, on the effectiveness of A-C/T chemo and randomized into 4 double dose (dd) AC (biweekly) + 12 weekly Taxol, or 4 dd AC + 6 dd (biweekly) Taxol. I was randomized into the latter group and chose to participate even after being told the efficacy of dd Taxol is less than weekly treatment. The dd Taxol regimen had painful side effects, but I persevered through and am NED three years later.

"My purpose for joining is that 12 weekly treatments can be a challenge time-wise, between work and family and life, and maybe biweekly treatments are the answer. Hopefully we learn there is statistically no difference between the weekly and biweekly cycles. I will be followed every 6 months for 10 years."

-- NancyHB, SWOG S0221 trial

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