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Cosmogirl's Story

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"At the age of 33, I found a lump in my right breast. February 2015, I was referred to specialists, as cancer was suspected. Ultrasound scan did not reveal any abnormalities, a core biopsy that was undertaken was not done anywhere near the lump/dent because apparently the specialist doctor could not identify a lump/dent even though myself and my doctor could.

"The breast ultrasound did not reveal a mass so no further investigations were performed and I got the all clear.

"In May 2015, my nipple on my right breast was limp/deformed again; my doctor sent me back to the 'specialists.' I was told that the biopsy had caused the 'bruising' of my breast again I was told no further tests were needed.

"In November 2015, the lump/dent was much bigger ;back to the specialists again, more tests done including the most horrendous biopsy experience and diagnosed with multifocal grade 2 and grade 3 invasive ductal carcinoma ER positive and PR positive HER2 negative, also involved axillary lymph nodes: 5/14 with extra capsular spread.

"Straight off the bat, 6 months of chemotherapy followed by mastectomy of right breast and axillary node clearance.

"During February 2016, hospital admission of sepsis; a CT scan was done.

"Then 3 months later, I am told I have bone mets that have healed, so a response to chemo; nevermind the fact 3 months have passed before telling me.

"The oncologist told me it's a poor prognosis with the spread of mets

"Tamoxifen started 10 days after surgery. Zoladex monthly.

"I have been positive of mind throughout the above, I have dark days but it is what it is. The mind boggles at what I have been through in the last year.

"A year ago Independence Day I got married; the most wonderful day of my life, 3 months later all the above followed."

-- Cosmogirl, diagnosed metastatic in May 2016

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