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"Three months after having my first baby and my second week back at work, I starting having pain in my side. It didn't last very long so I ignored it. My right breast burned a little after I breastfed but I chalked that up to a clogged duct. One night after work the pain in my side was so bad I went to the ER. I thought it was a gall stone. Turns out my liver looked like Swiss cheese. I was admitted to the hospital where they did several CT scans and MRIs. One CT scan showed tumors in my lower spine. Two weeks before I was picking up my baby and my back seized up. I thought I had pulled a muscle but turns out it was the tumors. I had a liver biopsy which revealed the breast cancer but no one could feel it. CT scan of my chest showed a huge lymph node. It wasn't until I had the PET scan that they finally found the source. And 3 days after I was diagnosed, I turned 32. 32!!!

"Since I started the chemo, my liver and back pain are gone. The liver pain at one point was so intense that I couldn't breathe properly. I couldn't walk or sit up. My biggest fear is the pain.

"I have changed my diet and I got a personal trainer. I'm hoping this will complement the work the chemo is doing. I have to beat this for my baby girl."

-- Jillianclaire, diagnosed metastatic in January 2016

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