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JudyKRN's Story

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"My name is Judy. Eleven years ago, on a routine mammogram, it was discovered I had cancer in my right breast. My surgeon found 3 tumors and the margins weren't clean, even though I was Stage I. So I had chemo. After the chemo was done, I had an MRI of the breasts and it was discovered I had cancer in the left breast. Still Stage I. I opted for a mastectomy with immediate reconstruction.

"This April, I was diagnosed with a recurrence. Stage IV with mets to the bone. No organs involved, and a brain MRI was okay. I am on letrozole and Ibrance. I'm having some bone pain, due to the medication.

"I'm trying to adjust to my new 'normal.' My husband and I are traveling, and I try to spend more time with my kids and five grandchildren."

-- JudyKRN, diagnosed metastatic in April 2016

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