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Kkrenz's Story

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"I was diagnosed on March 30, 2017 stage IV right out of the gate. I am 48 years old with multi-focal, multi-centric overlapping bilateral IDC. While not completely surprised about the diagnosis, I was absolutely floored that it has spread so far and wide.

"I have been having annual mammograms since I was 25 -- as I have a strong family history of breast cancer. I was doing everything that I believed were the 'right' things to do. I did monthly exams, I never missed a mammo, my family had gene testing, but I still ended up here. I was diagnosed with seven liver tumors and widespread skeletal mets. In fact, so many bone mets that the PET scan finally just said 'innumerable.' I was beyond devastated.

"Since that time, I have discovered that, given my family history, I should have been having MRI's every 6 months. No one told me. Every doctor I have seen for the last 23 years knew my history, and still no one told me. I feel betrayed by the medical community in some ways. I was also told that if the genetic testing was done a while ago (we had ours done initially more than 10 years ago), that it should have been done again. Once one told me this!

"So now, I tell everyone that asks about my cancer about 3D mammos and family history, etc. I live in a small community and my story has inspired many, many women to have 3D mammos, and a few to have their genetic testing re-done. I know it's expensive, but what is your life worth?

"On to better news. After three treatments of Taxotere, Herceptin and Perjeta, I have had a complete pathological response. No active cancer anywhere and my tumor markers are almost 0. I feel blessed to have achieved this, and I treasure every day! I know NED can be fleeting...but I'm happy I am at this point now. Bless you all!"

-- Kkrenz, diagnosed metastatic in March 2017

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