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LaurenG's Story

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"I am 58. Three years ago I had IDC Stage I breast cancer in my left breast. I opted for bilateral mastectomy to be sure I wouldn't be back the following year. No chemo, as I was borderline. Although, I am estrogen-receptor-positive. I had breast enhancers put in a year later. I noticed a wrinkled surface at the corner of my left breast scar after this surgery. I inquired, but was told it was likely a stitch left behind given that surface response. When I had the silicone implants put in, they told me they would cut out that problem and it would extend scar a bit, but it would be fine. It came back. Plastic surgeon did liposuction to correct 4 months later. I waited for healing. Plastic surgeon moved out of state and I moved to another state. Scar never got better; in fact, it got worse, the area hardened with streaks of pain would fly through the area.

"I contacted a plastic surgeon at Stanford (closest and best hospital to where I now live) and he suggested a biopsy first. Now, I find out that I am Stage IV IDC with metastases to my sternum and bones. Beyond that, the PET scan found one lesion in my head, near my cerebellum, and one on my vocal chord. 28 years ago I had surgery on my head with follow-up radical radiation and no reoccurences. These may simply be scar tissue (I pray). The vocal chord was a result of nerve damage and had had Teflon injections in the 1980s. Yet, the PET scan is showing activity. I am currently having my MRIs, both past and present, compared. Systemic treatment for the IDC is palbociclib and letrozole with monitoring and a monthly injection of Xgeva. I begin this coming Monday. I wondered if anyone has undergone this treatment and what their feelings were during and post treatment. Thank you very much."

-- LaurenG, diagnosed metastatic in February 2016

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