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"At the end of 2014, I developed a cough that got worse whenever I ate something, and I had constipation like nothing I had ever experienced. I was SOOO thirsty, but my blood sugar level was always good.

"Finally in February 2015, I had gotten to the point that my heart was racing and my breathing so labored with any kind of physical exertion. I went to my local clinic thinking I had pneumonia and maybe a hiatal hernia. An X-ray revealed my left lung had collapsed. Then the CT showed the tumor on my right breast -- so large they kept asking if I had an implant (8.5cm) lol!

"I had often had swelling in that breast with my menstrual cycle but thought it was fibrocystic like my mom and sister had. As I became sicker during those months it had worsened, but I never dreamed it was the main cause. I had a thoracentesis done to drain the lung, mammogram, then a core biopsy on the breast, then a needle biopsy. The results were IDC, Er+, Pr+, HER2-, Stage IV with mets in lung and bone. Shortly after that I had to be admitted to the hospital because the lung had filled back up. This time I had a thoroscopy and scarification of the pleural lining, then suction to keep it drained for 9 days. Within a week after getting out of the hospital, I started chemo. First 4 (or 6, not sure) rounds of AC, then to paclitaxel once a week for 3 weeks then 1 week off. I got the last dose of it on November 17. Neuropathy is becoming a real problem. Going to doctor to see what's next.

"I am 49, single, and mother to a 3-year-old son."

-- lifer, diagnosed metastatic in February 2015

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