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"My story is so upsetting because I did what I was supposed to do and feel like I was failed by my doctor. I found the lump in my breast in January 2014. I immediately went to the doctor with my concern. He conducted a breast exam and told me that I was 34 at the time and it he could tell that it was only a cyst and that I shouldn't worry about it. 2 months later I had my annual exam and he did a breast exam and again told me not worry and because it was a cyst. So I didn't and I enjoyed life, worry free.

"Fast forward to April 6, 2015. It is time for my annual exam and he feels the lump and I wince in pain as it is a little sore. Now he feels like I should have it checked out. An ultrasound and mammogram later, I am diagnosed with poorly differentiated IDC and high grade DCIS. I was so angry at this point!

"So...I meet with a team of doctors and decide I am going for a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction. I had finally wrapped my head around the diagnosis. My oncologist on May 11th prescribed a PET scan for me. It took 11 days to get scheduled. On May 29, 2015, I got the PET scan and prayed. Unfortunately, my liver had two small lesion that lit up. Utter devastation.

"I am 36, no children, not married and 2016 was the year I had planned on starting a family...and now I deal with the heartache of having that opportunity taken from me I have been having a super difficult time with all of this. I know there is no cure for this disease and my friends and family are so positive and optimistic that I will be around for a very long time...I just am not there yet. People say it is not a death sentence...but isn't it? ...I know, I need a to change my mindset...still just having a difficult time managing all this! I haven't met anyone physically yet with this diagnosis, so I am hoping to get encouraged from reading posts in this forum. There is so much that I want to see and accomplish and I don't want this diagnosis to stop me from living out my dreams!!"

-- mdillard04, 5 months metastatic

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