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roosarider's Story

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"I have graduated. Yet this is something that I really did not want to belong to and never wished for anyone either. Life happens. Stage IV breast cancer, just found out about two weeks ago. Original cancer discovered in summer 2014 stage IIIb: surgery, chemo and radiation. Anastrozole failed after 1.5 years. I have a bottle of Ibrance, which I haven't started yet. Suppose to begin [this] coming Tuesday. Mets are in the liver, some in spine and some ground-glass nodules in the lungs. Though I know we all are going through this unpleasant road, it still feels semi-unknown, lonely and unpredictable.

"'It rains on the just and the unjust.' Acceptance makes [it] much easier to handle this disease. Just pray that the doctors are capable and sharp to catch everything on time. I love to mountain bike where I noticed my breathing was short as I was riding uphills. I told my doctor something was wrong because I could not ride up the hills like I usually do, I can't breath. And sure enough. Something was indeed wrong. Listen to your body for any sign. Mine was telling clearly. All I can do now is hope. That is all."

-- roosarider, diagnosed metastatic in October 2016

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