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Schooni's Story

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"I was diagnosed with stage IV [breast cancer] in March 2017 and on quite a journey. They insisted I have a PET/CT scan which, it turns out, proper protocol was not followed before and during scan. [...] Anyway, the PET scan comes back saying I have over 9 hotspots -- they say cancer: metastatic TNBC [triple-negative breast cancer]. I am stunned but not surprised. I didn't know at the time that they did the PET scan wrong. Only three and a half months later I get in to Mayo Clinic -- up until then I refused aggressive chemo which could not cure but only shrink cancer -- but I did not want to poison my entire body. I was diagnosed at this time stage IV terminal. Three months later, Mayo redid the PET/CT with the proper protocol -- no carbohydrates 24 hours before, no caffeine 12 hours before, no chewing or talking excessively -- remain quiet one full hour before scan - it was done right this time. Now, I know the good Lord may have healed me too -- but I am convinced the non-protocol PET scan earlier showed it in places it wasn't. So over half were gone -- three spots in chest area but may not even be cancer -- they don't know for sure -- and the spots in my colon turned out to be noncancerous polyps. When they looked at second scan, they thought I had had treatment but I did not take any chemo or radiation, just natural stuff and prayers! Question everything."

-- Schooni, diagnosed metastatic in March 2017

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