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travelnsurvivor's Story

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"I'm new to the community.

"I am a long term survivor of stage IV metastatic breast cancer.

"Six years ago, I was diagnosed with stage II HER2+ breast cancer in my right breast. I was on chemo for 4 months followed by a partial mastectomy (with lymph nodes removed) and radiation. At that time I was 31, able to enjoy my life, and even squeeze in a vacation in between treatment. I stayed on Herceptin for 1 year afterward. It was tough but a total 'cake walk' to what happened later.

"A year and a half later, I found out after a car accident that the cancer came back. This time it was stage IV with liver, bone, and lung mets. I was taken by surprise and pretty much told I had a few months at best.

"Immediately, I started large doses of chemo (TC). That was the absolute WORST 5 months of my life! Due to the chemo, I spent most of my treatment in and out of the hospital and several terrible things happened including going into toxic shock, temporarily going blind, and kidney damage.

"Three yrs later, I'm alive and striving (thanks to God)! I was able to retire very early from my job and spend my time living and enjoying my life. Mentally and physically it was tough, the first year after being declared in remission, but after some time I stopped worrying about the cancer coming back despite what the statistics say. The plan is for me to stay on Perjeta and Herceptin for the next 7 years.

"I wish everyone a well and happy life and if you have any questions about my journey, feel free to contact me."

-- travelnsurvivor, 3 years metastatic

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