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Waitingforspring's Story

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"My story began on January 5, 2013 when I found a lump in my left breast and boy did it hurt. Of course this was on a Saturday, but I warned hubby that we were in for a rollercoaster ride. Got on a very fast tract for all of the testing to be done. Stage IIB of a triple-negative tumor.

"I had chemo, first surgery on May 3rd, then radiation all summer. I did all I was asked to do and was told it was gone. Gone but not forgotten.

"This past Christmas eve I had an awful pain in my head and mentioned to hubby that I had this with numbness on my right side. Went to my primary care; couldn't find anything nor would she ever had found this. I was taken to the ER mid-January of this year. [The] same triple-negative tumor metastasized to my brain, liver, and lung nodules plus blood clots in my right lung. Stage IV here we are. The brain was operated on Jan 19th of this year -- right cerebellum where the large tumor was removed. There was a small tumor on the left front of the brain. Radiation of the head was begun. Then a visit to my medical oncologist. I am on Xeloda 2500mg for two weeks, then one week of rest, then we start all over again for the rest of my life. This week my radiation oncologist told me there were no new tumors in my brain, the left lesion is just about gone and the hole in my brain is clear of any cancer.

"I don't let cancer define who I am. I continue to be very active but in the things that make me happy, I am very blessed."

-- Waitingforspring, diagnosed metastatic in January 2017

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