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Reconstruction Decisions

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Deciding whether or not to have a breast rebuilt is a very personal choice. There is no “right way” to approach mastectomy and the decision of whether or not to choose reconstruction. There is only the way that is best for YOU, your preferences, and your healing. Some community members have graciously volunteered to share their stories of their reconstruction decisions.


"When I made the decision to have a Unilateral Mastectomy in December 2012, I knew immediately I didn't want to have reconstruction. I also knew that, for me, removing my healthy breast would not be something I could justify, either. " Read Ariom's story...


"From the moment I was diagnosed, I was pretty certain of my surgery choice and reconstruction method. I felt it was best for me in my circumstances, and thus far, it certainly has been. I chose a bilateral mastectomy with immediate tissue expander placement." Read KBeee's story...


"I didn't have a lot of time to research reconstruction choices before my unilateral left mastectomy in February. The choices presented to me by the plastic surgeon were dismally disappointing. Yes, my left breast could be reconstructed, but it would not look anything like my remaining natural breast." Read PamelaKay's story...


"Some women do not care to have reconstruction after breast surgery. Some feel liberated going 'commando' and opting out of reconstruction. I applaud them for their decision to do so. That was just not the way I was going to go forward in this journey." Read whippetmom's story...

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