comscoreDoctor-Patient Communication for People With Metastatic Disease

Doctor-Patient Communication for People With Metastatic Disease

Timothy Pluard, MD discusses tips for making doctor-patient communication the best it can be.
Mar 29, 2018

Many of Dr. Timothy Pluard’s patients have praised his communication skills.

Listen to the podcast to hear Dr. Pluard discuss:

  • how he tailors his communication to each individual patient and that person’s unique situation

  • how he talks to patients about disappointing news, such as cancer progression or a treatment that stops working

  • what makes someone a good communicator

  • his tips on how to make doctor-patient communication the best it can be

About the guest
Timothy Pluard headshot
Timothy Pluard, MD

Dr. Timothy Pluard is medical director at the Saint Luke’s Cancer Institute and the Koontz Center for Advanced Breast Cancer in Kansas City, Missouri. A medical oncologist, Dr. Pluard specializes in offering comprehensive care, including treatments that use advanced genomics and immunotherapy to women diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. He also incorporates nutrition planning, spiritual counseling, exercise physiology, massage, yoga, palliative care, and emotional support into patient care. In addition, he advises patients on participating in clinical trials on leading-edge treatments for advanced-stage breast cancer.

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