comscoreStaying Active During Quarantine: Tips for People With Breast Cancer

Staying Active During Quarantine: Tips for People With Breast Cancer

Cancer exercise specialist Sami Mansfield discusses tips to motivate when you're exercising alone, benefits of exercise, and how to exercise without equipment.
Sep 17, 2020

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, gyms are closed and personal trainers can’t visit their clients. So how can people with breast cancer stay active and continue their exercise programs?

Listen to the podcast to hear Sami Manfield discuss:

  • how to motivate yourself to exercise when you’re working out alone

  • how exercise can help both your physical and mental while being while you’re isolating

  • tips on how to exercise if you have no equipment at home

About the guest
Sami Mansfield
Sami Mansfield

Sami Mansfield started her career as a cancer exercise specialist in 2003. Since being inspired by coaching her first client who had been diagnosed with cancer 15 years ago, her career has been dedicated to helping people with cancer — any type and any stage — live as well as possible. Sami’s experience encompasses work in both community- and hospital-based cancer centers, nonprofit organizations, developing and consulting on clinical trials, and as a speaker presenting to both patients and healthcare professionals. She is a certified cancer exercise trainer, a CrossFit Level 1 coach with extensive exercise and nutrition experience, and the founder of Cancer Wellness For Life. She also offers functional movement basics classes on the We Build 4 Life YouTube channel.

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