Where Are We With Immunotherapy for Breast Cancer? ESMO 2019 Coverage

Where Are We With Immunotherapy for Breast Cancer? ESMO 2019 Coverage

Jennifer Litton, MD talks about the latest immunotherapy research for breast cancer, including how it will be used and how to identify who will likely respond to it.
Oct 18, 2019

At the European Society for Medical Oncology 2019 Congress, Dr. Litton presented information on a study she's leading, looking at combining a new type of immunotherapy with a traditional chemotherapy medicine. She joined us to talk about current immunotherapy research for breast cancer in general as well as what is specifically being presented at the congress.

Listen to the podcast to hear Dr. Litton discuss:

  • why immunotherapy medicines to treat breast cancer will likely be used with another type of therapy, such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy

  • the difference between a "hot" and "cold" tumor and why that is important for immunotherapy

  • other biomarkers besides PD-L1 that may help doctors decided if an immunotherapy medicine will work

About the guest
Jennifer Litton headshot
Jennifer Litton, MD

Dr. Jennifer Litton is a board-certified medical oncologist and professor of breast medical oncology at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, where she is also vice president of clinical research. She also is a member of the Breast Immuno-Oncology Task Force of the National Cancer Institute.

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