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Precision Medicine and the “Moonshot” Program

Nancy Davidson, MD, of the American Association for Cancer Research, discusses precision medicine and the "moonshot" program.
Oct 19, 2016

Dr. Nancy Davidson is a world-renowned breast cancer researcher who has played a key role in discovering how hormones, particularly estrogen, affect cell growth in breast cancer.

Listen to the podcast to hear Dr. Davidson explain:

  • what the American Association for Cancer Research is and what its goals are

  • what precision medicine is

  • what she thinks the moonshot program to conquer cancer will do

  • what new treatments she sees coming in the near future

About the guest
Nancy Davidson, MD

Dr. Nancy Davidson is director of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, where she also is a distinguished professor of medicine and associate vice chancellor for cancer research. She also serves as president-elect of the American Association for Cancer Research, the first and largest cancer research organization in the world.

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