comscoreStories of Mastectomy and Reconstruction: Peggy

Stories of Mastectomy and Reconstruction: Peggy

Peggy Johnson's story of mastectomy, reconstruction, and nipple tattoo is featured in our video series.
Oct 19, 2017

A former first grade teacher, Peggy Johnson was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2009 after she became concerned about some dimpling in her left breast. She had six rounds of chemotherapy, then a double mastectomy with immediate implant reconstruction in May 2010. She then had radiation therapy. After that treatment was completed, she had new
implants inserted in December 2010. At that time, nipple reconstruction wasn’t offered to her. In early 2016, at her annual exam with her breast surgeon, the surgeon discovered that one of her implants had ruptured and was leaking. Peggy was told she would have to have her implants replaced yet again. Instead, she decided to have DIEP flap reconstruction as well as nipple reconstruction and nipple tattooing in May 2016.

Listen to the podcast to hear Peggy talk about:

  • why she decided to have DIEP flap surgery when her implant ruptured

  • how keeping a journal helped her

  • how she tries to be a resource for women diagnosed with breast cancer

About the guest
Peggy Johnson

Peggy Johnson is one of three women whose stories are featured in the video series on reconstruction after mastectomy.

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