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Group Therapy Helps Ease Breast Cancer Stress

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A breast cancer diagnosis can bring out so many difficult emotions—fear, anger, resentment, hopelessness, and more. It is a big challenge to learn how to cope with these feelings along with the stress of diagnosis and treatment.

Given how important it can be to get the help you may need, it's essential to find out what really works, so doctors can be sure to recommend what's effective. A study showed that structured group therapy can help reduce the stress of dealing with breast cancer. The results of this study add to earlier evidence that educational and emotional support can enhance your quality of life and lower stress.

If you're interested in finding a support group, ask at your local hospital or clinic about support groups in your area, if possible with a trained facilitator. You may also want to ask for a group with women who are at a similar stage of treatment or recovery as you.

Another great place to find support is online, in the live Chat Rooms and on the Discussion Boards. Here you'll find thousands of women from all over the world to answer your questions, share experiences, and provide encouragement and support.

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