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Scanxiety and Metastatic Breast Cancer

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“Scanxiety” is a term used to describe the anxious feelings that arise in the time leading up to a cancer imaging scan, during the scan, and while waiting for results.

This blog section features the voices of women who talk about what scanxiety feels like for them and strategies they’ve discovered to help get them through it.

April Doyle

April on Scanxiety
“I don’t fear the scans themselves… It’s the waiting.”

Rebecca Scheinkman

Rebecca on Scanxiety
“I tell myself that I have literally done everything in my control to prevent cancer progression… I also remind myself that if the scan does show progression, it was beyond anybody’s control and there are still a lot more drugs and clinical trials left in my arsenal to try.”

Susan Rahn

Susan on Scanxiety
“In the few days before and the day and night before I listen to a lot of music and playlists that I have created to keep me in a good headspace.”

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