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Ways to Manage Fatigue

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If you think you're experiencing fatigue, talk to your doctor. If possible, give your doctor specific information about your fatigue. Instead of saying, "I'm tired all the time," give an example such as, "I get tired when I walk up the five stairs to my office."

Because there are so many causes of fatigue, there's no one medicine that can relieve fatigue. Together, you and your doctor can figure out ways to reduce your fatigue. The following pages may help you manage your fatigue:

Personal Quote

"On my best days I can triumph. On my worst days I despair. You and I probably have that in common. But even when we despair, there's a spark within us that cries out, 'There's more! There's more!' My hope and prayer is that is the midst of fatigue we can hear and respond to that life cry which embodies as much fullness in the everyday as possible. You go, girl, and I will too, and we can encourage each other just by knowing there are others on similar journeys, that you and I are not alone."

— Lynn

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