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Healthy Eating After Treatment

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Many people with breast cancer have long, healthy, and active lives after their treatment. Healthy eating during treatment and some physical activity are important. And healthy eating and physical activity AFTER treatment also are important as you recover from treatment and begin your life beyond breast cancer.

While some research has been done on the ability of diet to reduce your risk of breast cancer, less has been done on the role of diet in reducing the risk of the cancer coming back. Still, the existing research suggests that lack of exercise and being overweight can increase the risk of breast cancer recurrence. A healthy diet and exercise can help you maintain a healthy weight and will give you more energy as you recover and improve your quality of life. Eating well will help your body rebuild muscle strength and overcome side effects such as anemia or fatigue.

Don't think that you have to dramatically change your diet in one day. When treatment is over, you'll probably feel much better, but maybe not completely like you did before treatment. Your tastes may change, and you may find you don't like some foods anymore. Take it slowly and ease yourself into healthy eating and cooking.

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