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Also known as: laetrile, vitamin B17, apricot pits.

Potential uses: It was previously thought that cancer cells would convert amygdalin into cyanide, which would kill the cancer cells. There were also claims that a lack of amygdalin caused cancer.

Usual dose: While oral and injectable forms are available in Mexico, Australia, and other countries, amygdalin is not approved for use in the United States. Doses vary from 500 milligrams to 1 gram per day.

Are there any risks? Amygdalin is converted into cyanide and other toxic enzymes. Oral doses of amygdalin have led to cyanide poisoning, coma, and death.

What does the research show? There is no evidence that amygdalin kills cancer cells or reduces the risk of the cancer coming back. Amygdalin is not recommended for people with breast cancer.

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