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Red Clover

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Also known as: Daidzein, genistein, isoflavone, phytoestrogen, purple clover, trefoil, trifolium, beebread, clovone.

Potential uses: Red clover is used to treat menopausal symptoms and breast pain. Its active ingredients include phytoestrogens.

Usual dose: To relieve hot flashes, an extract of 40 to 160 milligrams per day has been used. Otherwise there is no standard dose.

Are there any risks? Side effects may include rashes, headache, nausea, and vaginal bleeding/spotting. Red clover may increase bleeding, especially if combined with other anti-clotting drugs or herbs.

What does the research say? Red clover may interfere with hormonal therapy drugs. It is not recommended for women with estrogen-receptor-positive breast cancer. Studies suggest it is not effective in treating hot flashes.

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