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Traveling for DIEP reconstruction?

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Question from WynnME: What are the issues one must address if one wants a DIEP reconstruction and you have to go many miles away from one's home to a city where they perform the surgeries (i.e. Johns Hopkins)?
Answers - Maurice Nahabedian Unfortunately, there are very few surgeons in the U.S. that routinely perform the DIEP flap. They are located throughout the United States but only in a few cities. This means that many women will have to travel to these cities in order to receive this type of reconstruction. This procedure is actually performed with greater frequency in the European countries. However, in the U.S., many surgeons are reluctant to perform this type of reconstruction.

In my practice, I see many patients who travel great distances in order to have this procedure performed. What I request is that these patients be prepared to stay in Baltimore for a period of 7to 10 days following the reconstruction. After that, they are free to go back home and then return for scheduled follow-ups at 6 weeks and 3 months following the procedure.

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