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March 12, 2020; Coronavirus: What Breast Cancer Patients Need to Know

January 9, 2020;; New Study Reveals Main Reasons Older Women With Breast Cancer Use Cannabis (It’s Not Nausea)


October 21, 2019;; The Beauty Brands Contributing to 'Breast Cancer Awareness' Are Also Contributing to Cancer

October 17, 2019;; Jennifer Garner Shares a Video of Her Mammogram Appointment for Breast Cancer Awareness

October 12, 2019;; Do I Have The BRCA Gene? How to Know & Understand Your Breast Cancer Risk

October 10, 2019;; I Give Myself a Monthly Breast Self-Exam Because It Could Save My Life, and You Should, Too

October 8, 2019; The Herald-News; Exercise for breast cancer patients

October 2, 2019;; 6 Breast Cancer Research Groups to Donate To This October & Year-Round

October 1, 2019; Good Morning America; 'GMA' goes pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 1, 2019; The Today Show; How genetic testing may have saved a woman from cancer

September 27, 2019; Mainline Media News; Dr. Marisa Weiss honored at Gold Leaf Celebration

September 17, 2019; Healthline; 15 Resources for Moms with Metastatic Breast Cancer

September 9, 2019; The New York Times; Who's Missing From Breast Cancer Trials? Men, Says the F.D.A.

July 31, 2019; Glamour; The Unexpected Loneliness of Premature Menopause

April 18, 2019; U.S. News & World Report; False Positives, False Negatives in Breast Cancer

February 4, 2019;; #WorldCancerDay: Rediscover Intimacy After Breast Cancer


December 26, 2018;; How Becoming Ill is Like Moving to a Foreign Country

December 2018; Future of Personal Health; USA Today insert; Survivorship Care Plans Can Help You Live Your Best Life After Breast Cancer

October 5, 2018; Health; Why You Probably Don't Need to Do a Breast Self-Exam — and What Doctors Say to Do Instead

October 3, 2018; Wall Street Journal; A New Push to Lower Your Risk for Breast Cancer (subscription required)

October 3, 2018; AARP; Breast Cancer After Menopause

September 21, 2018; U.S. News & World Report; Can I Skip Chemotherapy for My Early Stage Breast Cancer?

August 15, 2018;; Breast Cancer Drug Promising in Phase 3 Trial


December 7, 2017;; The Pill comes with a small risk of breast cancer: How worried should women be?

December 7, 2017; Vogue; A New Study Links Birth Control Pills and Breast Cancer—Here’s What You Need to Know

December 6, 2017; New York Times; Birth Control Pills Still Linked to Breast Cancer, Study Finds

October 31, 2017; U.S. News & World Report; Why Is Fear Such a Problem With Breast Cancer?

October 5, 2017; U.S. News & World Report; Facing Breast Cancer Fears

September 30, 2017; Newsmax; Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Breast Cancer Disclosure Spotlights Early Detection Benefits

September 28, 2017; NBC Philadelphia; Philly Doctors React to Louis-Dreyfus' Breast Cancer Announcement

February 6, 2017; U.S. News & World Report; What Breast Cancer Patients Have Gained From Obamacare and What We All Could Lose if it's Repealed

January 13, 2017;; 12 key signs of breast cancer, as seen in viral image of lemons


December 13, 2016; U.S. News & World Report; Choosing Between Reconstruction and 'Going Flat' After Breast Cancer

November 28, 2016; Medical Daily; 5 Natural Ways To Balance Your Hormones And Feel Healthier

November 28, 2016; HealthDay; Never Too Old for a Mammogram?

November 25, 2016; Mother Nature Network; Why some women are choosing to 'go flat'

November 23, 2016; Everyday Health; 5 Tips for Surviving the Holidays With a Serious Illness

November 18, 2016;; Shannen Doherty Visits Her Reconstructive Surgeon as She ‘Gears Up for Radiation’

November 16, 2016;; Study: Cancer Patient Advocates Like Pharma Money

November 14, 2016; San Antonio Express News; Breast reconstruction can be helpful to the cancer healing process

November 1, 2016; New York Times; ‘Going Flat’ After Breast Cancer

October 24, 2016; The Hill; Breast cancer risks higher for lesbians and bisexual women

October 24, 2016; U.S. News & World Report; Genetic Tests That Make a Difference After a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

October 19, 2016; Buzzfeed; This Breast Cancer Survivor Got Her Dream Photo Shoot And Reminded All Of Us That We Are Beautiful No Matter What

October 17, 2016; Medical Daily; 5 Awkward But Necessary Questions Everyone Should Ask Their Doctors

October 12, 2016; Everyday Health; Why Pushy Patients Get Results — And How You Can, Too

September 22, 2016; Florida Today; Brevard moms find new direction after breast cancer

September 21, 2016; HealthDay; More Breast Cancer Patients Should Consider Radiation, New Guidelines Say

September 3, 2016; EmpowHER; Dr. Marisa Weiss: Visionary Advocate for Women With Breast Cancer

September 1, 2016; Newsmax; Breast Cancer Mortality Lower in Women Who Breastfeed

September 1, 2016;; 8 Things That Will Lower Your Cancer Risk (And 5 Things That Won't)

August 3, 2016; U.S. News & World Report; The Best Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer

June 2, 2016;; 6 Tips to Help Prevent the Risk of Breast Cancer

May 7, 2016; ModernHealthcare; Breast cancer screening guidelines spark a racial divide

May 6, 2016;; Genetic Testing Offers Best Defense Against Breast Cancer: Top Doc

February 25, 2016; Cancer Network; FDA Expands Palbociclib Approval for Breast Cancer

February 21, 2016;; FDA approves expanded use of Pfizer’s Ibrance

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