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Calgary002's Story

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"First of all, I would like to say thank you to the people who put this site together!! To all who have shared their story, my story is not that different than some, and yet very different than others. I just joined and am now going through testing and really had no one to talk to about what is going on as I do not want to bring any more fear in[to] my family than what already is here.

"My mother passed away from breast cancer 20+ years ago, at the age of 53. Her only sister (my aunt) also passed away at the same age from breast cancer, a few years before my mother. So myself and 2 younger sisters and cousin were told that we needed to watch very closely. It was not until my cousin was diagnosed at the age of 48 that we got in touch with the genetics department here in Alberta. They then discovered all three had the BRCA1/2 gene [mutations]. I choose not to get tested unless I do have breast cancer. I have 3 daughters, and worry that this is so new that if I did not have the BRCA1/2 gene [mutation] that screening for them would not be as thorough as it should be. I should also mention that my mother's grandmother and grandfather also passed away from cancer, but somehow my grandmother did not.

"Now I am 53 and have a bloody discharge from my right breast. I have had the mammogram and ultrasound done. The breast specialist wants a galactography done, but when the request was sent in, the radiologist changed it to a[n] aspiration instead. Now I am fighting to get that changed and so upset because I can not talk to anyone about it because I am trying to spare them this fear. We have all lived with this black cloud over us and terrified to turn 50... I am the next one in line, then my younger sisters.

"I have read a lot of your stories and feel connected to many of you; we all know the black cloud, and to a lot of other people that do not have this history, it is very hard for them to understand. In our family, if you reach the age of 50, every year after is a blessing."

-- Calgary002, chose not to get genetic testing

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