comscoreIntegrating Complementary Therapies Into Your Care

Integrating Complementary Therapies Into Your Care

Beth Baughman DuPree, MD, integrates complementary therapies into her surgical practice.
Oct 19, 2016

Dr. Beth Baughman DuPree strongly urges her patients to consider complementary healing support, whether it's through lifestyle modification, spiritual assistance, grief counseling, exercise programs, reflexology, nutritional counseling, Reiki, yoga, or massage. She herself has participated in all these techniques and is a master level Reiki practitioner. She believes that "whatever it takes to help a person find healing and peace is the way to curing them."

Listen to the podcast to hear Dr. DuPree talk about:

  • how she became interested in complementary therapies and how she integrates them into her practice

  • the healing benefits of some complementary therapies

  • how it feels to see her patients heal their minds and psyches as well as their bodies

About the guest
Beth Baughman DuPree, MD, FACS, ABIHM

Dr. DuPree is a general surgeon specializing in diseases of the breast and medical director of the oncology service line at Northern Arizona Healthcare in Sedona, AZ

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