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Survivorship Care Plans

Dori Klemanski, DNP, CNP explains what a survivorship care plan is and why it's so important.
Oct 20, 2018

Dori Klemanski helps identify the unmet needs of cancer survivors, as well as late- and long-term effects of treatment. She also oversees the creation of survivorship care plans to meet the long-term needs of survivors.

Listen to the podcast to hear Dori explain:

  • what a survivorship care plan is and the information included in one

  • why it’s so important that a survivorship care plan be personalized

  • who creates a survivorship care plan

  • how to get a survivorship care plan if you don’t have one

About the guest
Dori Klemanski, DNP, CNP

Dori Klemanski, DNP, CNP is an adult nurse practitioner and clinical director of survivorship at the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center-James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute.

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