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Brain Metastasis: Local Treatments

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Local treatments such as surgery and radiation therapy can be used to remove or destroy areas of breast cancer in the brain.

The goals of local treatment can be different depending upon your situation.

  • If you have only a few areas of cancer in the brain and nowhere else in the body (oligometastatic disease) and you’re generally in good health, the goal may be to remove all of the cancer so that you have no evidence of disease (NED).
  • If the breast cancer has spread to other places in the body and/or to different parts of the brain, the goal is to improve symptoms and prevent complications that can come from having growths pushing into critical areas of the brain.

Your doctor can help you understand your situation and what makes the most sense for you. In most cases, you also would continue with systemic treatments such as hormonal therapy, chemotherapy, and/or targeted therapies.

Local therapies for brain metastasis include surgery and different types of radiation therapy.

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