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Caregivers' Experiences

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While we recognize November as National Caregiver Awareness Month, we need to acknowledge and hear from our caregivers in all seasons. In this spirit, we have asked our members to talk about their own experiences of caregiving as we strive to honor and better understand the needs, successes, and challenges inherent in the vital role of caring for others with breast cancer.


"Help you and your wife/family to move forward by planning. Then execute those plans. Years later you will look back and see all of the wonderful things you did/times you had and you will both be glad you didn't relinquish control of your life over to this coward we know as breast cancer." Read Colt45's story...


"She's still my bride. Next year will be 50 years [married]. I think it's all a part of the whole journey of the commitment we made to each other -- that we would be there for each other. So, we just continue on the journey." Watch Madeline and Thomas's Story...


"I was at work on the Tuesday morning when Julie rang me saying she was in the car at the hospital and had picked up her results. She felt scared and didn't want to open them. I encouraged her to read them to me over the phone, with absolute confidence that it was going to be good news.." Read MfromAus's story...


"If anyone is new to this situation of having cancer recur for a family member or friend, all I can say is: be hope for them. It isn't over til it's over. Yes, cancer is awful and unpredictable and you can be on the mountaintop one day then back to the valley. But you can't let the worry and anxiousness take over your life." Read sarahsusername's story...


"...the most important thing I could advise is to just love them. I greatly appreciated all the support and information I got off this board, but I had to realize that I couldn't save her. I couldn't find out how much time she had left. I had no control over anything but my presence and my love for her." Read whisper2's story...

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