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December 28, 2015, Mirror.Co.Uk, Breast-feeding is not only good for babies - it has lots of benefits for mums too

November 27, 2015, AmericanThinker.com, New Breastfeeding Studies: Mainstream Media Still Ignores the Obvious

November 24, 2015, ABCNews.com, New Studies Show How Moms Also Benefit From Breast-Feeding

November 24, 2015, PalmBeachPost.com, Studies say breastfeeding benefits mothers as well as babies

November 23, 2015, New York Times, Breast-Feeding Is Good for Mothers, Not Just Babies, Studies Suggest

November 20, 2015, Huffington Post, Breastfeeding Can Help Lower the Rising Risk of Breast Cancer in African-American Women

November 12, 2015, OncologyNurseAdvisor.com, Breastfeeding Associated With A Reduced Risk of Aggressive Breast Cancer

October 30, 2015, Australian Women’s Weekly, Breastfeeding lowers risk of developing breast cancer, claims study

October 29, 2015, Food.ndtv.com, Breastfeeding could Reduce the Risk of Aggressive Breast Cancer

October 29, 2015, TimesofIndia.com, Breastfeeding may reduce aggressive breast cancer risk

October 29, 2015, Science World Report, Breast Cancer: Could Breastfeeding Reduce The Risk?

October 28, 2015, ScienceDaily.com, Association between breastfeeding, reduced risk of aggressive breast cancer

October 28, 2015, DelcoTimes.com, Women on the Move luncheon honors women of influence

October 26, 2015, CureToday.com, Mammograms Should Be a Woman's Choice

October 23, 2015, MainlineToday.com, On the Heels of American Cancer Society Shift, Dr. Marisa Weiss and Tracy Davidson Say, ‘Don’t Wait’

October 23, 2015, TechTimes.com, Some Doctors Skeptical With New American Cancer Society Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines: Here’s Why

October 22, 2015, CNN.com, New breast cancer guidelines: screen later, less often

October 21, 2015, Inquistr.com, When Should You Get a Mammogram- the American Society’s New Breast Cancer Screening Recommendations

October 21, 2015, Huffington Post, Dangers of New ACS Mammography Guidelines: Underestimated Risk and Delayed Diagnoses

October 15, 2015, Haaretz, Should Ashkenazi Women Get Tested This Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

October 15, 2015, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, New breast cancer data: 7 things a Jewish woman should know

October 15, 2015, Forward.com, Ashkenazi Women Confront New Breast Cancer Statistics

October 1, 2015, TODAY.com, Hoda Kotb, Joan Lunden share breast cancer journeys for #PinkPowerTODAY

October 1, 2015, TODAY.com, Carson Daly’s friend starts cross-country trek to fight breast cancer

October, 2015, SELF, Solving the Cancer Puzzle (PDF)

September 28, 2015, TODAY.com, Breast cancer fighters, survivors! Join us Thursday, Friday for Ambush Makeover, surprises, more!

July 2015, Good Housekeeping, Don't Be Dense About Dense Breasts (PDF)

June 9, 2015, Wall Street Journal, New Ways Doctors Reach Agreement on Patient Diagnoses

March 23, 2015, CureToday.com, Gene Tests for Breast Cancer: Do You Really Want and Need to Know?

March 23, 2015, CureToday.com, Sexual Intimacy and the Male Response After a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

March 11, 2015, Huffington Post, Not Just Another App

March 10, 2015, SCPR.org, New Apple app lets you contribute 'real data' to studies

February 17, 2015, Wall Street Journal, Why Living Alone Is Dangerous to Your Health

February 13, 2015, Huffington Post, Little Women, Big Risks

February 2015, Fitness, Cancer Proof Your Life (PDF)

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