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"I was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer to lungs and bones recently. My GP sent me for a lung scan because I had a cough. When I went to her office to get my results, she was crying! She is a very stoic, business-as-usual type person so I was dumbstruck by it all. She also said: 'I am so sorry, it's really bad.' What??? I felt like I was in a dream and everything was in slow motion.

"I rushed off the next day to see an oncologist and he looked at the scan results and said, 'Yes I see this a lot. Take this tablet for the next 5 years!'

"I was like, '5 years? I have 5 years?'

"He just laughed and the next thing I was walking to the bus stop and telling complete strangers, 'I am not dying. I am not dying!' I live in Ireland where everyone is a little daft and everyone was congratulating me!

"I look okay and I feel okay-ish. Bone pain, fatigue, and weight gain, but nothing I can't manage. But I suspect some people think I am fibbing about the cancer because I don't look sick! I still run and hang upside down in the park!

"I get my strength from the site. We mets sisters are the best!

"My love to all."

--PaulaAmy, 5 months metastatic

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