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"In February 2015, I had a mammogram after knowing I had a lump near my nipple for several months. Because I had no insurance at the time I waited. By the time I got the mammogram they immediately knew I had breast cancer. I was sent for testing and had my mastectomy in March 2015. The sentinel node showed spread to it but none of the other nodes had cancer spread to them. My PET scan however showed it'd spread to bones and liver. I also had pleural effusions on both lungs. The thoracentesis showed breast cancer cells in the fluid drained off (one liter off left lung and half a liter off the right). No sign of cancer in the lung tissue. I was started on adriamycin and cytoxin which was followed by Taxol.

"In September 2015, my blood work shows my tumor markers to be normal. I am said to be in remission. I was started on Femara and will be starting Ibrance (now that my wound has healed from the removal of tissue expander from infection). I started Xgeva three months ago. I am an asthmatic, since childhood, and continue to have shortness of breath issues. I understand some of the medications can cause shortness of breath. I am monitored closely and am hopeful that there will be a long time before recurrence."

-- sqrlady, diagnosed metastatic in February 2015

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